Mark Cunningham


When I first started working with Katie, most of my goals encompassed me trying to achieve looking like someone I had seen in a magazine or on-line. Katie indulged me, as these desires gave us a foundation in which to build upon. I became stronger with each tire flip and push-up, my stamina increased with each pull-up and sprint on the treadmill, my confidence grew as solid as my core became from working on the rings.

With every exercise and accomplishment, something unexpected happened. Katie not only made my physical self better, but she worked magic with my inner self. She never let me spend a lot of time engaging in self-deprecation; she never let me speak ill of myself to the point of harm; she would often say when I would venture into the negative, ‘Mark, you have two minutes to complain about this and then you are done!’ Katie understood that the outer Mark would never be what he wanted it to be unless the Mark within changed.

After these years of working with Katie, I truly believe I have become a different person. I am doing things I never would have without her help. I am a better athlete, and even more so, I am better to myself because of the things Katie has inspired me to realize. She is a wonderful coach and trainer, and though I am uncertain of exactly when those titles transformed into that of friend, I am wholeheartedly glad that it has.