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Customizable Services

“Your Health is a Priority”

Tailor your program to fit your lifestyle 

Customizable Services

Fitness Planning

Based on your fitness goals, Katie will design weekly progressive workouts that incorporate the target areas of the body you would like to strengthen and firm. Whether you have access to a gym, or you choose to workout at home or outdoors, your fitness plan will use any and all equipment to vary up each workout so you never get bored. Want to train for a marathon or a local 5K? Fantastic! Your fitness plan can also include specific workouts to help you train and prepare for your upcoming event.  

Each customized fitness plan includes a weekly accountability phone call with Katie so the next week’s workouts can be adjusted accordingly as you progress through your plan.

Customizable Services

Wellness Coaching

We all have great intentions of what we “should” be doing everyday for our health. We may even start off with a Monday morning workout AND a healthy breakfast, then life comes at us full speed and it can take only moments before we’re on defense again and it’s just Monday afternoon! 
With her experience as a Wellness Coach, Katie can help you identify what’s causing you to stay in your unhealthy cycle of behaviors and will create a plan of action with you to change that behavior for good and set you up for future success. 
Each wellness coaching program begins with a goal setting session to establish your 3-month long term goals and your 1-month short term goals. You will then schedule your weekly calls with Katie, where each 30-min call is designed to celebrate your weekly successes and create a realistic plan to overcome any challenges that may derail you from meeting your goals that week.
Customizable Services

Expert Nutritional Coaching

What “should” you be eating and how often “should” you eat? Finding a diet that suits your lifestyle is not a one size fits all situation. Depending on your fitness goals, dietary needs and food intolerances, it can be overwhelming trying to figure it all out. Katie can simplify these concepts for you and also show you how healthy eating can fit into your busy lifestyle. Whether you would like a day-to-day eating guide, weekly meal plans and recipes or specific direction about what to buy at the grocery store, Katie can customize a nutrition plan for you and give you guidance along the way.  
Each customized nutrition plan includes a weekly accountability phone call with Katie so that the next week’s meals or plan of action can be modified accordingly to suit your schedule. Any necessary or recommended dietary testing will be referred to Katie’s team of experts and your nutrition plan will be adjusted based on your results.