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About Katie

About Katie

Hello and welcome! My name is Katie Liburd and I have been a health and wellness coach for over a decade.

I am so fortunate to be living in Austin, Texas, one of the fastest growing cities in America, surrounded by such amazing people. I have had the privilege of helping many people, face-to-face, grow to be the absolute BEST & HEALTHY versions of themselves, allowing them to make an even BIGGER impact in their world. Now I want to expand my reach to YOU, no matter where you are.

We all share the common need to be healthy so we can better serve those around us. However, we may differ in how we achieve that goal and how it fits into our lifestyle. That is EXACTLY what I am here for!

My gift and talent to share with YOU is my innate ability to customize a healthy plan that suits the season of life you are in, with whatever time you have available, using the space, equipment or location you have.

I am here to show YOU that you CAN have what matters most to you without having to sacrifice your health along the way.

What are you waiting for? The world needs YOU!

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